Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How Gum Disease Affects More than the Mouth

It’s a common misconception by many that gum disease is just in the mouth. In fact, it can actually cause a lot of other issues in the body, and many times, people don’t realize just how hard it is, and it can definitely be quite a problem. This article will go over what it is, and how it affects more than just the health of the mouth.

Now, what causes gum disease is actually two things, and you can talk to your Eugene dentist further about this. One of the things is the presence of bacteria in the mouth, and the other is the places that the bacteria will get to and stay at. Often, the bacteria will collect and buildup either at or below the gumline. This buildup often causes inflammation and irritation, which will cause an immune system response to the body. Often, the mildest form is called gingivitis, but left untreated causes periodontal pockets in the areas where the bacteria collect. Gingivitis leads to periodontitis when left untreated, and this can actually break down the connection between the gums and teeth, which will cause them to fall out.

Often, people in the early stages might not have a bunch of pain, but instead they’ll have other symptoms, such as bad breath, swollen and red gums that bleed a lot, pain when chewing, teeth that are loose and sensitive, and longer-appearing teeth.

However, this doesn’t affect just the mouth, but it impacts other major body systems, and if there are already health issues, it can make it far worse than you might expect.

In the respiratory system, it can actually cause some problems. There is a relationship between this and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and acute bronchitis. If your body is fighting off inflammation, it can actually cause problems such as this in the body.

Heart disease and stroke are another major problem associated with gum disease. Research actually associated gum disease with this, and tying that with both stroke, age, genetics, habits, and the presence of diabetes, it increases the risk. There is more research that is being done to help focus on the connection between these, and you’ll be able to see that chronic inflammation and bacteria can be found in this, and it can even cause certain kinds of heart diseases.

Finally, one big part that does affect some people is the fact that fertility and pregnancy can be compromised. Women who have active gum disease take 2-3 months longer to conceive than those who don’t. fertility clinics often require women that are trying to conceive using IVF to either not have or treat the disease that they have, since often it can lead to them struggling with conceiving and holding a child period.

Another big part is in pregnant women in general. 40% of women who are pregnant have some form of gum disease. Often, they can see the dentist on this, and it typically does go away on its own. However, if a woman already has gum disease and isn’t being treated, they are likely to deliver premature, and often, they have a low birth weight as well. Pregnancy is a time that does affect many parts of the body, and often, if there are already other issues there, it’s important to treat gum disease before it gets any harder for the person conceiving as well.

Gum disease is a bit of a serious issue, and if left untreated, it can even hurt your personal health. However, it’s important to make sure that you do take the time to ensure that you have the best health possible. You can certainly do this by seeing your Eugene dentist to make sure that your oral health is up to snuff, and if it isn’t, they’ll be able to help you get the most out of this as well. They can help you get on the right pathway to the best health possible, and by taking care of it now, you’ll be a lot happier in the future. Do watch out for gum disease, because while it might seem like a small condition, it’s actually a serious issue.